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Highly personal, yet incredibly vague entry that you need not comment on...unless you want to

I don't have a lot of time to write, because I have to head over to Ghost Class in a minute....and I have to make a few stops first ; )....But I am compellled to write. I was reading over some old stuff in certain people's journals, and I realize that I am sooo glad that it's now, instead of then. Wow, and I'm an English major. But seriously, I really am glad. I don't have regrets, because regretting is a waste of my time...and I've already done enough of that for one life time.

Basically, what I mean is... I can finally say that I am happy with life.
And the winter is almost over, or some other cheesy euphemism.
Next stop?

This is a highly personal entry that I wish I had more time to write, but I don't.  Someday soon I will be back to finish it.

Hell, maybe I'll even make a lyric post...to be ironic of course.
But I'm off to Ghost Class, and then more shenanigans I am sure.
Tags: being joyful, cheesy euphemism, ghost class, lyric posts
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