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I was just looking at my icons.... Syd and I would make a smashing couple.

I went to Royal Oak and Grosse Pointe today. Royal Oak pretty much sucked, but I did have fun reading "Les Fleurs du Mal". I know I sound like a cliche goth kid, but Baudelaire may very well be my new poetry God. Anyways Royal Oak sucked because there was no one interesting about, and I didn't have fifty dollars to spend...

Grosse Pointe was a little better. I did get some of the best Italian Soda ever made. Even though everyone there was a 15 year old mall punk, or a fifty seven year old man with a napsack and a bicycle. Oh well. I didn't almost die while driving today, so that was splendid.

Another strange thing is that every boy between the age of 13 and 18 in Grosse Pointe looks like Bryan... I was disturbed, I thought I saw him everywhere.

After that the lovely Heidi and I drove to Mt. Clemens, and visited Adam for a few hours. Even if we weren't quite philosophical, we caught up and discussed the "sophomore blues." Even if I'm not a sophomore... I don't really know. It got me sort of thinking about things again...and it's good to connect to the past everyonce in a while... remember how things once were...It definatly got me thinking about my life and where I'm going again. I think I finally know what I have to do this time too... and I had more Italian Soda. What a fantastic day. I love you disgrunteled neo-hippy. (I had to write that.)

Tomorrow- waffles! (how do you like your waffles? wink wink) and then dark carnival...and hopefully dancing. ...and maybe I'll even get some new hair. wink wink. Goodnight.
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